The Agency Council (hereinafter: the Council) shall consist of five members, one of whom shall be the President of the Council.  By virtue of the position, the Director shall also be the President of the Council. Members of the Council shall be appointed by the National Assembly, on the proposal of the Government for the period of five years and may be reappointed once.  

Competences of the Council:

  • adopt Rules of Procedure that specify the Agency`s operations and other general acts of the Agency;
  • adopt annual reports on the work of the Agency, annual work programmes, financial plans, annual accounts and other acts;
  • for each individual case, appoint a panel authorised to act in a minor offence procedure; 
  • decide on the exclusion of the Director, the chair or member of the panel, in the decision-making process on individual cases;
  • decide on the exclusion of the authorised official from the managment procedure of the individual case;
  • conduct procedures for the early dismissal of Council members and the Director;
  • perform other tasks within the competence of the Agency, unless it is the competence of another Agency`s body. 



  • Andrej Matvoz, Director
  • Istok Prodan, Member of the Council
  • mag. Mirjana Rozman, Member of the Council
  • mag. Karla Pinter, Member of the Council
  • mag. Rene Redžič, Member of the Council

The Council shall adopt decisions in meetings convened by the President of the Council on his/her own innitiative or at the request of at least two members of the Council. The Council may pass valid decisions if the majority of all members of the Council are present at the meeting. The Council shall, after consultation, adopt decisions by voting in the meeting. A decision shall be adopted if supported by a majority of all present members of the Council.

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