The Director shall represent the Agency, manage its operations and organize its work. Moreover the Director shall run the Agency , conduct procedures, grant authorisation to qualified public servants in individual cases for conducting procedures in cases under the competence of the Agency  and issue legal acts in individual cases under the competence of the Agency, unless the issuing of legal acts falls within the competence of the panel.   

The Director shall be appointed by the National Assembly on the proposal of the Government for a period of five years and may be reappointed once.   

Currently, the director of the Agency is Mr. Andrej Matvoz, namely for the period until 31 December 2027.


Andrej Matvoz, Director

T:  + 386 (1) 478 3597

F:  + 386 (1) 478 3608

E: gp.avk(at)

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