Ljubljana, 28 September 2017

Opening of the Conference-welcome speech: Andrej Matvoz, Director of CPA, Slovenia


Panel 1:              Restriction of Competition by Object or by Effect – How to establish a Sufficient degree of harm to competition


Harald Mische, European Commission,
Miro Prek, Judge, President of Chamber,  General Court (EGC), an article: Miro Prek, Silvère Lefèvre, 'Competition litigation before the General Court: Quality if not quantity?' (2016) 53 Common Market Law Review, Issue 1, pp. 65–90


Relevant practice of national Competition Authorities and national Courts
Moderator:  Andrej Fatur, Senior Partner, Fatur Law Firm


• Bojan Tavčar, Slovenian Competition Protection Agency
• Aleksandra Mitić, Partner (Law firm Kavčič, Bračun & Partners) - Practitioners view
Martin Dekleva, Senior Judicial Adviser, Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia
• Matteo Negrinotti, Italian Competition Authority (AGCM)
• Michaela Nosa, Slovak Republic Competition Authority




Panel 2:               Potential distortion of competition by non-controlling minority shareholding

Moderator: Gorazd Podbevšek, RPM, consultant


• Gorazd Podbevšek, RPM, consultant  - General framework of corporate governance in Slovenia
• dr. Borut Bratina, University of Maribor, Faculty of  Economics and Business  -  The role and functioning of supervisory boards
• mag. Dajana Muženič Abramovič, Slovenian Competition Protection Agency - Presentation of national case(s) and experience
• Jean Bergevin, European Commission
• Gabriella Romano, Italian Competition Authority  (AGCM)   - Control of minority shareholdings in the context of merger review and the sectoral inquiry on corporate governance






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