Ljubljana, 17 September 2015

Opening of the Conference: Andrej Krašek, Director of CPA  Video 


Panel 1:               Procedural guarantees in proceedings of competition authorities


Dr. Ciril Keršmanc, Ministry of Justice, Slovenia    Video

Miro Prek, Judge of EGC,   Video

Theodor Thanner, Director of BWB, Austria          Video

Tobias P. Maass, European Commission               Video


Panel 2:               Assessment of Art. 102 exclusive dealing agreements and conditional rebates


Gregor Langus, COMPASS LEXECON Video

Adina Claici,  European Commission Video


Panel 3:               Assessment of Unlawful Practices in the Food Supply Chain


Jože Podgoršek, Slovenian Food Supply Chain Ombudsman Video

Igor Masten,  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics  Video

Edina Bors, NÉBIH, the National Food Chain Safety Office, Hungary Video

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